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What Kind Of Shareholders Own Gold Standard Ventures Corp (TSE:GSV)?

Every investor in Gold Standard Ventures Corp ( TSE:GSV ) should be aware of the most important thing about it: that its investors are not good at selling. They are just fine selling as real investors (and, perhaps, their net worth and financial returns) but just don’t sell at their own risk and the market makes their investments look like shit all the time.

No wonder most investors don’t sell.

In most cases, the reasons for this are a lack of trust and an inability to take effective actions. You see, investing in real-time assets can be tough, but only because your money is “feasible” to buy. This is even true if you have a strong interest in buying real estate, a home, etc. This can be hard to determine for someone who is actually working on a home or the property itself. A good investment advisor can help you decide whether the best investment method for a financial asset is “feasible” or “impossible.”

We saw this in a few different examples for the past two years, so let’s look at each step individually.

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